Talking Tom and Friends Minis

Talking Tom and Friends Minis

  • TV-G
  • 2015
  • 4 Seasons
Get ready to watch Talking Tom and Friends at their cutest! Mini in size, but massive in fun, the Minis series offers a glimpse into the day-to-day world of the characters we all know and love where they do the most ordinary things in the most extraordinary ways....
Season 1 2 3 4

15 Episodes
New Year's Evenow playing
1. New Year's Eve
Talking Tom and the gang celebrate New Year’s Eve with great friends, good food, and fireworks....
The Big Move
2. The Big Move
It’s moving day! But not all of the gang are pulling their weight when it comes to carrying boxes and unpacking....
A Rough Start
3. A Rough Start
The day gets off to a rough start for Talking Tom and his friends, despite their best intentions. Will they be able to turn things around?...
Boy Meets Girl
4. Boy Meets Girl
Talking Tom’s a master at getting ready quickly, but he learns that girls need a bit more time when he is stuck in the cold waiting for Talking Angela....
The Perfect Dress
5. The Perfect Dress
Talking Angela orders the perfect dress, but delivery seems to be taking forever. Does she have what it takes to wait patiently or will she lose her cool?...
Spring Date
6. Spring Date
It’s springtime and love is in the air! Talking Tom and Talking Angela decide to enjoy a picnic in the park....
Part Time Job
7. Part Time Job
Talking Tom’s job at the restaurant is exhausting! So his friends decide to pay him a visit to cheer him up....
Camping Trip
8. Camping Trip
Talking Tom and the gang are going on a road trip! But things take a turn when the car runs out of gas....
Fortune Cookies
9. Fortune Cookies
When Talking Tom and Talking Angela are given fortune cookies, their predictions are very different. Will they come true?...
Tom's Sick Day
10. Tom's Sick Day
It’s date night! But when Talking Tom doesn’t show up, Talking Angela gets angry and is determined to find out why. His excuse is not what she was expecting…...
A Big Thank You
11. A Big Thank You
Talking Tom wants to surprise Talking Angela and plans something special. Will all his hard work pay off?...
Workout Time
12. Workout Time
Talking Angela decides that she needs to exercise more, which means Talking Tom has to as well! But working out is harder than Tom expected....
Tom's New Love
13. Tom's New Love
There’s nothing wrong with Talking Tom falling in love with a brand new game. Unless he ignores Talking Angela, of course…...
Diet Plan
14. Diet Plan
When the evil bathroom scale shows Talking Angela a weight she doesn’t like, she decides to take action. Will Talking Tom remind her that being healthy is the most important thing?...
Horror Movie Night
15. Horror Movie Night
When Talking Tom and the gang decide to have a horror movie night, they thought that all the spooky stuff would happen on-screen. But they were wrong!...