Talking Tom Short

Talking Tom Short

  • TV-G
  • 2014
  • 1 Season
DirectorMatej Jenko
They may be called shorts, but they are definitely not short on the fun. Join the worldwide sensations, Talking Tom and Friends, in their fast paced, laugh-a-minute series where your favorite games come to life before your very eyes! Tune in to watch their hilarious adventures and get ready to smile on repeat!...
Season 1

55 Episodes
Red Alert
1. Red Alert
Sometimes nature calls with such urgency it becomes a red alert! But what happens if someone tries to stop you?...
2. Whack-a-Mouse
It’s an epic showdown between cat and mouse! But who will win? Talking Tom or the cheeky mice?...
3. Aerobics
Can you teach aerobics to six totally different Talking Toms? Doing exercise has never been more fun!...
4. Potions
When Talking Tom decides to drink every potion in the laboratory, there are some hilarious, crazy consequences!...
Lights Out
5. Lights Out
The Talking Toms just want to go to sleep, but The Hand is messing with the lights! Will Tom be able to keep his temper?...
Round 1
6. Round 1
Ding ding ding! The bell’s rung signalling the beginning of Round 1. Get ready for the match of the decade – it’s Talking Tom vs. Talking Tom!...
7. Cans
Talking Tom’s just chilling out, minding his own business when trash cans fall from the sky. The Hand’s back and this time he wants to play a game......
Flappy Tom
8. Flappy Tom
Talking Tom is trying to master his flying skills in a sky full of pillars. Will he make it through?...
Hat Troubles
9. Hat Troubles
Talking Tom’s gone for a drive! But when the wind picks up, he gets into some pesky hat troubles! What’s a guy got to do to look cool?!...
Be Serious!
10. Be Serious!
Talking Tom and his alter egos prove that laughter is contagious! But with The Hand around, the giggles could have consequences....
Makeover Madness
11. Makeover Madness
All Talking Tom wants to do is kick back and watch some TV. But there’s someone who wants to redecorate his house… What is this makeover madness?...
Who's the Boss?!
12. Who's the Boss?!
Talking Tom invites Talking Angela to his house, but little does he know that she’s going to remake his bachelor pad into a princess palace… Can Tom handle all the pink?...
Cookie War