Talking Tom’s Brainfarts

Talking Tom’s Brainfarts

  • TV-G
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
StarringJay BrittonMichael BodieDirectorJernej Žmitek
Talking Tom unleashes his crazy, off-the-wall, and downright hilarious Brainfarts vlog direct from his home studio. No question is too big, too small, or too fun for Tom to answer in his own one-of-a-kind way! Catch up with Tom and his latest awesome ideas now and prepare to learn from the best....
Season 1

18 Episodes
How to be a Genius
1. How to be a Genius
Talking Tom, the world’s top tomcat and all-round cool dude, teaches you how to make the most of your smarts. In fact, he’ll show you how to become a genius....
How to be Cool
2. How to be Cool
Always wanted to be cool like Talking Tom but never thought you’d achieve such levels of awesome? Never fear! In this episode, Talking Tom walks you through how to be cool....
How to Look Smart
3. How to Look Smart
Do you want to be the smartest kid in class? Talking Tom will show you how with his super clever guide to perfecting the art of looking smart!...
Growing Up
4. Growing Up
Are people telling you that you need to “grow up”? Ignore them and follow Talking Tom’s advice! You’ll stay young and awesome forever!...
How to Win Every Argument
5. How to Win Every Argument
Cat got your tongue when you try to stand your ground in a war of words? Talking Tom’s got you covered! In this episode, he shows you how to win every argument....
How to Do Your Homework
6. How to Do Your Homework
Talking Tom knows you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Even homework! You just need to follow his advice and keep trying....
How to Survive the Dentist
7. How to Survive the Dentist
Talking Tom has been to the dentist before so he knows the drill. In this episode, he shares his “Ultimate Dentist Survival Guide” so you can learn to be brave, just like him....
How to Make Friends
8. How to Make Friends
A true friend is hard to find - even imaginary ones! Talking Tom shares all his wisdom on friends and friendship in this episode. He should know - his friends are awesome!...
Cyberbullies and How to Deal with Them
9. Cyberbullies and How to Deal with Them
The internet can be a tough place, especially if you encounter a cyberbully. But with Talking Tom’s advice you’ll get rid of them in no time....
Glove Phone Unboxing
10. Glove Phone Unboxing
Drumroll, please! It’s time for the unveiling of the hottest device around: The Glove Phone. Be the first to take a look at the coolest gadget, special features and eye catching design....
How to Sell Your Ideas
11. How to Sell Your Ideas
Talking Tom’s ideas are legendary. After all, he’s an inventor, an out-of-the-box thinker, and probably the greatest salesman out there. Who else would you to listen to when you want to sell your ideas and get ahead?!...
Celebrity Secrets
12. Celebrity Secrets
I’ve been given top-level access to the world’s most famous celebrities. Find out how they became super-stars and learn how you can be one too!...
Geremy the Germ - The Importance of Washing Hands
13. Geremy the Germ - The Importance of Washing Hands
Eugh! Germs are the worst. But never fear! Talking Tom’s here to help you battle them. His tips and tricks will make sure you’re germ-free and ready to rock-and-roll!...
Perfect Selfie
14. Perfect Selfie
Smile for the camera! Talking Tom’s got the photo-taking know-how that’ll take you from dunce to dude in a flash. You’re just a clock away from taking the perfect selfie....
The Mystery Box (Ancient Technology Special)
15. The Mystery Box (Ancient Technology Special)
What’s this?! Talking Tom’s found some mysterious ancient tech! But he has no idea what it is. He needs your help to figure it out......
My Wonderful Helping Hands
16. My Wonderful Helping Hands
Talking Tom’s got a tricky history with hands. After all, The Hand is always pulling tricks on him. But he’s got nothing but respect for his own hands. And after this video, you’ll never look at yours the same way either!...
Learn to Dance in Two Minutes with Talking Tom
17. Learn to Dance in Two Minutes with Talking Tom
"Talking Tom’s got the moves! He can shimmy, shake, and generally be a total rockstar on the dancefloor. And he’s agreed to teach you! You’re welcome. "...
How to Make a Movie
18. How to Make a Movie
Lights. Camera. ACTION! Want to learn to make movies? You’re in luck! Talking Tom’s here to help! The know-how you need is just a click away......