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Zombie Dumb

Zombie Dumb

  • TV-Y
  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
StarringGo Sung-ilLee Soo-yeonPark Min-sunDirectorLee Hyun-sik
The world is swarming with zombies. The town is demolished and is now an empty place that the residents have deserted. At night, a group of zombie kids who each have different personalities, abilities, and values but act as one group of dumb friends wander around Moon Street. However, their lack of intelligence is always causing trouble. They get even dumber when the last human kid appears before them and brings even more problems. Tonight, the foolish but happy kids do slapstick situational comedy on Moon Street....
Season 1 2

60 Episodes
Zombie Dumbs
1. Zombie Dumbs
There’s something going on at the abandoned graveyard. An arm pops out from ground and five dead bodies are digging their way out of graves! Suddenly, the Moon smiles and strange but bright light from the Moon turns ugly dead bodies into cutter looking zombies....
First Encounter
2. First Encounter
Hana is the only surviving human on Moon Street. She lives alone and wants to have friends. Zombiedumb is group of zombie kids who comes up to Moon Street every night to play. As usual, they are minding their own business and hear laughter of a little girl: Zombiedumb decides to follow the laughter finds Hana. Naturally they see her as something to eat, but Hana is just happy to meet someone and she wants to be friend with them....
Part Time
3. Part Time
Zombill and Zomgirl got part-time job at At Café Moon. But they are not very good at what they do. Hana joins as another part-timer, but all she brings is trouble! She tries to clean up the Café, but ends up locking everything, including Zombiedumb in vacuum cleaner....
Halloween Show
4. Halloween Show
At Café Moon, a Halloween Costume Competition is going on. Each member of Zombiedumb is dressed in different costume: Zomjack as Vampire, Zomson as Mummy, Zomkong as Hulk, Zomgirl as Sadako from the Ring. However Skull the judge isn’t happy with their presentation. They all didn’t get good marks. Zombill is dressed up as Chinese Corpse (Jiangshi) but Skull wasn’t happy. Suddenly, Hana rushed onto the stage and interrupted. Then, Hana changes Zombies' clothes and Skull was satisfied....
Marathon of Zombies
5. Marathon of Zombies
It’s Marathon season on Moon Street. Prizes for winners are….delicacies from Café Moon! The race starts and it seems interesting to Hana so she runs into the race. Now, it becomes Zombiedumb chasing after Hana). Time flies and the Sun is rising; Zombiedumbs are interrupted by sunlight and Hana wins the race!...
Fly me to the Moon
6. Fly me to the Moon
Zombiedumbs have ambiguous yearn for the Moon, so they decides to go to the Moon!) First they try to pull the moon down to the earth but failed. Zomjack suggests a new idea: fly to the moon. Cannon is used to shoot zombies to the moon but it isn’t working out easily as planned. In the end, Zombies find out the Moon they were looking at is fake (just a bill board) and see the real Moon....
Whack the Mole
7. Whack the Mole
Zomjack and Zompet are hungry. They need something to eat! Suddenly they hear Hana’s laughter from nowhere. Hana is hiding in sewer, peeping out of a manhole. Eager to catch her, Zomjack whack the hole, but Hana seems to know way around sewer. She pops her head out from different manholes, so Zomjack and Zompet jump into sewer....
Show me the Eyes
8. Show me the Eyes
Zomkong is a gentle monster, and his eyes are always covered with hair. No one has ever seen his eyes! So, other Zombie kids got together to solve this mystery. They try every method they can possibly think of to make him show his eyes but he escapes from every attempt. Finally they capture Zomkong and lift up his hair and reveal his eyes....
Magic Tree
9. Magic Tree
Zomjack invents ‘magic potion’ that can grow what you desire on a tree. It’s simple to use: one, plant an object under a tree. Two, pour the potion and voila! What you planted under the tree is now growing on the tree, in larger quantity!...
Fly Hana, Fly
10. Fly Hana, Fly
Hana finds a witch on flying broom stick in one of her favorite book and wants to fly. But she doesn’t have a broom stick but she has a plunger! She is trying to fly just like the book but it doesn’t seem to work. Zombill is playing his guitar and Hana thinks his guitar is a good replacement that can actually make her fly, so decides to take it from him....
Pie Fight
11. Pie Fight
Zombiedumb loves worm pies! Zombill, Zomgirl, Zomson and Zomkong are waiting for the worm pie at Café Moon. Chef Skull is busy making pies but demand is too high. Everyone wants to get a piece of pie first, and they start pie fight....
Runaway of Zompet
12. Runaway of Zompet
Zompet is not happy with Zomjack: He uses Zompet for many experiments and makes his life miserable. So, Zompet decides to run away. He is trying to find a new home, and meets his perspective new owners! Zombill the musician, Zomgirl the makeup artist and so on………but his quest to find a new home fails, and he realizes his life with Zomjack isn’t so bad after all....
All I see is Hana
13. All I see is Hana
Zombill is very hungry. He is looking for something to eat and finds a strange looking mushroom. It has irresistible aroma and Zombill takes a bite. As soon as he has a bit, the world turns upside down! The mushroom has hallucinating effect. Now, everywhere Zombill looks at, he sees Hana....
14. Resurrection
Mini is the precious ragdoll of Zomkong. Hana wants to play with Mini but Zomkong doesn’t allow it. However, by accident, Mini falls off from the rooftop and rips off! Everyone, especially Zomkong becomes despair. Zombiedumb hold Mini’s funeral but next day, Mini flies back to Zomkong. It was Hana who sew Mini back and returns to Zomkong....
15. Nightmare
Zomjack brings home a huge bag of candies. He is very careful with them because he wants them all for himself. However whenever he turns around, he can see glimpse of strange shadow! He thinks it is nothing but every time he turns to look for that shadow, a candy is missing. Now Zomjack is scared....
Love Triangle
16. Love Triangle
Zombill and Zomson are fighting to figure out who can use Moon Street Square stage. Hana finds commotion and tries to go closer to see what they are doing. On the way, she falls on mud puddle, and she is covered with mud from head to toe! Zombill and Zomson don’t recognize who she is, and think Hana is a new Zombie girl in town. Now, they are competing to win her love....
Surprise Gift
17. Surprise Gift
Zomjack always had something for Zomgirl. This time, he is trying to prepare something very special for her. He sets up trap to catch Hana and lures her with irresistible candies! Zomjack successfully traps Hana in a gift box and ready to go surprise his beloved Zomgirl. When he arrives at Zomgirl’s place however, things are not working out as he planned. Hana is out of the trap and running wild!...
Actress' Ring
18. Actress' Ring
Zomgirl found information about a famous actress with huge diamond ring is buried in the grave yard. She digs the actress’ grave up and in the coffin, and finds the ring on Skull (who is lying in coffin with a wig on, poses as the dead actress!). Zombill, who was watching Zomgirl with Zomkong, falls in love with Skull in the coffin. Finally the ring is on Zomgirls hand and suddenly, Skull is moving! Zomgirl, Zombill and Zomkong get scared and run away without the ring....
Bull Fight
19. Bull Fight
Zombill is playing a guitar as usual, and Zomgirl is admiring him with eye full of love. Zombill pulls out two horns and starts blowing! Although it sounds terrible, Zomgirl doesn’t care. She thinks Zombill is the coolest. Zomjack suddenly appears and steals the horns from Zombill. Zomkong is building a house for Mini. He is using wooden blocks and super-glue to build a strong doll house. Zomjack bumped into Zomkong and now the horns are stuck to Zomkong’s head!...
House of Horror
20. House of Horror
Hana smells something very delicious and that is from Café Moon! She happily runs to the café and opens the door. She finds a pie on a box and starts eating. However something is very strange about the café today…..there’s a big mirror she has never seen before and Hana’s reflection on the mirror is acting weird. What is going on? It was Zombiedumb who set up a trap to catch Hana!...
New Girl in Town
21. New Girl in Town
Hana is satisfied with what she drawn a face in a sandbag with marker. Zombill has a crush on the sandbag left alone. Zombill is having a good time with Sandbag. Jealous Zomgirl who sees that takes out a toy gun and hits the Sandbag. As he look at the sandbag blowing away by the wind, Zombill sits down and cries. Meanwhile, Hana draws a face on the electric pole and leaves satisfied. Zombill who cries finds the electric pole and his face becomes bright and falls in love with the pole this time....
Pitching Machine
22. Pitching Machine
Zombies are playing with pitching machine. Hana is approaching the pitching machine and pressing the buttons this and that. Zombies approaching Hana start to flee in fright at the sight of the flying ball. At one point, the ball stops, and when one presses the launch button, the ball does not fire, Juleson approaches to grab one. Then one hits the top of the pitching machine and the ball starts firing again. After all, all zombies are piled up in piles of baseball, and one is laughing merrily at those zombies....
Zomkong, Kingkong!
23. Zomkong, Kingkong!
Hungry zombies sprawls out in the Moon Street Square. Just then, when they see Hana, the zombies run towards Hana but Zomkong snatches Hana and runs away. Zomkong puts Hana in the food container and fights with the zombies that follow. Zomkong defeat all the zombies and looks inside the food bin, but there isn’t Hana. Hana waves and laughs on the roof of the rooftop. Zomkong picks up the fork and slowly moves toward Hana. Then there is thunder and lightning in the sky, and Zomkong becomes a charcoal....
Hana's Music Box
24. Hana's Music Box
In the dream, Hana is enjoying herself with the music box. Zombill, who is comes to hear the music box, likes holding the music box. Hana who wakes up from her sleep glare at Zombill fiercely and chases him. The zombies, who run away, once jump into the merry-go-round and they flee in different directions when Hana follows. Hana touches the steering booth of the merry-go-round while trying to grab the music box. The merry-go-round speeds up as Hana presses the button, and the zombies fly away one by one. Eventually, the zombies are scattered, and the music box is handed back to Hana....
Stink Bomb
25. Stink Bomb