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Willo The Wisp

Willo The Wisp

  • TV-G
  • 2005
  • 1 Season
StarringJames DrefusDirectorBobbie SpargoMark WoodsJames Drefus
Welcome to a world of wisecracking, witty, wicked weirdness! Willo the wisp, our storyteller and nosy old gossip invites us to observe the antics of the principle residents of Doyley Woods. Mavis Cruet the too-fat-to fly fairy and her best friend - Arthur the caterpillar, The Moog, a dim dog, Carwash the snooty cat and the Beast (once a handsome prince) as they contemplate life, the universe and everything else whilst doing continual battle with Evil Edna the wicked television-set witch and her horrid spells. Always silly, sometimes surreal, usually bizarre - the series draws on traditional sit-com values and turns them into something completely unexpected....
Season 1

26 Episodes
Moon on a Stick
1. Moon on a Stick
MOON ON A STICK. Nobody is getting any sleep and everyone in Doyley Woods is tired. They think they discover why when they find the moon stuck in a tree. If there’s no moon in the sky there can be no night and no sleep. It turns out to be Evil Edna’s satellite dish....
The Toothache
2. The Toothache
THE TOOTHACHE. The Moog gets a toothache after Evil Edna has filled the food in their picnic with rocks. He is catapulted into the sky with his tooth attached to a length of string. He knocks out his bad tooth when he lands on Evil Edna....
The Nature Walk
3. The Nature Walk
THE NATURE WALK. It is autumn and its time for Arthur’s famous ‘Nature walk’ through Doyley Woods, which involves extensive exposure to trees to the left, trees to the right, trees up above and leaves on the ground....
Feed the Birds
4. Feed the Birds
FEED THE BIRDS. Evil Edna puts a wicked spell on Twit so that all he wants to do is eat Arthur. To save Arthur’s life they convince the misguided bird that it’s winter with a carol and a packet of soap flakes.and so send him off to migrate to the sun....
The Magic Bone
5. The Magic Bone
THE MAGIC BONE. The Moog digs up a magic bone that changes everything in the woods in just the same way that a TV remote control changes the channels on a TV. Little does he know that this ‘bone’ is actually a TV remote control!...
The Knotted Handkerchief
6. The Knotted Handkerchief
THE KNOTTED HANDKERCHIEF. Arthur looses his memory and despite Mavis Cruet’s efforts with a knotted handkerchief., he cannot get it back. Fortunately he remembers Evil Edna’s name just in time to call it out to stop her performing her wicked magic on them all....
The Little Cloud
7. The Little Cloud
THE LITTLE CLOUD. A little cloud gets lost in Doyle Woods and cries continuously for its parents. Its tears fall in a steady rain shower over Moog’s head all day long. Only when Arthur performs a rain dance and storm clouds gather above does the little cloud re-find its lost parents....
The Mind Reader
8. The Mind Reader
THE MIND READER. Arthur scares Evil Edna by proving that he can read minds. She thinks that he must be an even more powerful and wicked witch that she is. It turns out that he is just memorising the thought bubbles above the heads of the other inhabitants of the woods....
The Fancy Dress Ball
9. The Fancy Dress Ball
THE FANCY DRESS BALL. It’s time for the annual Fancy Dress Ball. The Beast goes as Prince Humbert, The Moog as a hot dog, and Arthur goes as a moth. Unfortunately Mavis and Evil Edna turn up in the same costume so there are tears before bedtime....
Bowling for Carwash
10. Bowling for Carwash
BOWLING FOR CARWASH. The green at the Doyley Woods Crown Bowls Championship is wrecked by a Texan mole digging for oil in the midst of the green....
The Knee-Knocking Tree
11. The Knee-Knocking Tree
THE KNEE-KNOCKING TREE. Arthur is worried, because he can hear his knees knocking, but he doesn’t know why he’s scared. Meanwhile the Moog has no one to talk to since the trees have lost their bark. Both problems are solved when they spot a woodpecker....
The Best Friend
12. The Best Friend
THE BEST FRIEND. The Moog hates Evil Edna, but she is lonely so magically wipes his mind so that he can be her best friend. Unfortunately this means that the Moog forgets how to be a dog and the others have to teach him how to bark and chase sticks all over again....
The Tiddle-me-Wink
13. The Tiddle-me-Wink
THE TIDDLE-ME-WINK. A vampire bat is spotted in the woods on the day of the Acorn Tiddlywink Championship. Panic is quelled when it turns out to be Carwash, who was turned into a bat with sensitive ears by Evil Edna, so that Carwash’s appalling singing (for the opening ceremony) will hurt his own ears as well as everyone else’s....
The Makeover
14. The Makeover
THE MAKEOVER. Tired of living next door to a wicked witch they decide to sell up the woods and move. When nobody will buy Doyley Woods Mavis decides it needs a makeover. Everyone takes one look at her hideous pink creation, packs their bags and leaves – and that includes Evil Edna....
The Miracle
15. The Miracle
THE MIRACLE. Evil Edna casts a spell on Carwash that means he can’t see. After failing to fit him with a new pair of glasses, the Moog (after a particularly vigorous bout of licking ) discovers that Evil Edna’s spell was to make Carwash’s glasses dirty....
The Love Bug
16. The Love Bug
THE LOVE BUG. Mavis fancies herself as a Romantic novelist and asks everyone in Doyley Woods what ‘love’ means to them. None of them seem that interested in love which puts Mavis into a depression and sends her to bed early. Which is a shame because she misses the handsome Prince who gallops into the woods calling out her name....
The Wobbly Wood
17. The Wobbly Wood
THE WOBBLY WOOD. When everyone gets fat eating crisps in front of the telly it’s time for Mavis, the Moog, the Beast and Arthur to pump some iron down at the Doyley woods gym....
The Doyley Hunt
18. The Doyley Hunt
THE DOYLEY HUNT. A Fox Hunt comes to Doyley Woods only the foxes are our heroes transformed by Evil Edna’s wicked magic. The Moog’s understanding of dogs diverts the hounds and saves the day....
The Cocoa Demon
19. The Cocoa Demon
THE COCOA DEMON. Evil Edna puts a spell on Mavis that makes her eat chocolate all day. She conjures up a cocoa demon on Mavis’s shoulder to whisper sweet naughtiness into her ear. Fortunately the Beast eats the demon and knocks out Evil Edna with the branch off a Cocoa tree, proving that chocolate really is bad for you....
The Beauty Spot
20. The Beauty Spot
THE BEAUTY SPOT. Mavis Cruet finds a magic beauty spot that turns the wearer into a beautiful princess. Princess Mavis expects to find a ‘Beast’ to match her ‘Beauty’, but Evil Edna steals the beauty spot and won’t give it back. so it is she who finds the Beast – an ugly TV-hating giant!...
The Curse of Celebrity
21. The Curse of Celebrity
THE CURSE OF CELEBRITY. When Arthur wins first prize in a competition in Lettuce Grower’s Weekly the fame goes to his head. He erects a blue plaque outside his home and commissions a statue in his honour. He is looking forward to his prize – his body weight in lettuce – until Evil Edna shrinks him and all he gets is one measly leaf....
The Lost City of Polenta
22. The Lost City of Polenta
THE LOST CITY OF POLENTA. One day whilst digging for bones The Moog unearths the Lost City of Polenta, unfortunately Evil Edna turns a Roman helmet into a live gladiator. The only way they can get rid of him is to bury him in the hole with the city and the Lost City of Polenta is once again lost....
The Woodwind
23. The Woodwind
THE WOODWIND. A high wind blows in a Spanish Fly from Spain, a Haggis from Scotland, and a Frog from France. Mavis falls for the frog’s beautiful accent, but cannot prevent Evil Edna from threatening to cook the poor Frog’s legs. Mavis comes to the rescue with a magic hairdryer that blows the Frog back to France with both legs still in tact....
The Vegetable Garden
24. The Vegetable Garden
THE VEGETABLE GARDEN. A spritely toot is so embarrassing for Mavis Cruet that she decides to cut out the cause of her tooting – meat – and become a vegetarian. They dig and plant a vegetable garden in Doyley Woods, but lose the Moog, who has planted himself with the marrows....
The Art Class
25. The Art Class
THE ART CLASS. Everyone in Doyley Woods gets the Modern Art-Bug when a seven headed passport painting of Arthur fetches £1million. Evil Edna is furious when nobody will paint her portrait so she locks everyone away in a cage. “All right,” says Carwash, “I’ll paint your face,” as he daubs red paint across her wide-screened smile....
Here Comes The Judge
26. Here Comes The Judge
HERE COMES THE JUDGE. Evil Edna is put on trial for being evil. The Honourable Judge Arthur presides. Unfortunately he thinks he’s a judge in a TV Pop Quiz and refuses to send Evil Edna through to the next round....