Animal Mix

Animal Mix

  • TV-Y
  • 2019
  • 1 Season
BRUNO the polar bear is getting bored on the North Pole; he receives an invitation to go to his friend's jungle party and of course he finds a way to get there. Once he gets to the jungle, he's invited to be the party bouncer which he accepts. We see various animals singing about themselves and enjoying the party. In between the songs, Pretty Boy the parrot and Bruno introduce the next song in the series....
Season 1

12 Episodes
The Polar Bear Song
1. The Polar Bear Song
Polar bear gets thrown to the jungle...
Jungle Juice
2. Jungle Juice
Jungle animals have a party...
Elephants Are Cuddly
3. Elephants Are Cuddly
Elephant walks around jungle...
The Bee Song
4. The Bee Song
Bees dance and fly around jungle...
Luky the Lion
5. Luky the Lion
Lion playing in the jungle...
Taking It Slow
6. Taking It Slow
Turtle moves slowly around the jungle...
Lady Rataxes
7. Lady Rataxes
Rhino rampaging around the jungle...
8. Marmalade
Bears on a quest for marmalade...
Emily the Snake
9. Emily the Snake
Snake slithering around the jungle...
Who's a Pretty Boy
10. Who's a Pretty Boy
Parrots messing around in jungle...
Let's Have A Barbie
11. Let's Have A Barbie
Lots of animal have a party...
Close Your Eyes
12. Close Your Eyes
All the jungle animals are going to sleep...