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Eka Langa Kotu

Eka Langa Kotu

  • TV-PG
  • 2016
StarringRuvin de SilvaAntoinette Thilakshini RatnayakeAnushka Udana LiyanageDirectorMuvindu Binoy
TK and Janak are best friends and who are from the same neighborhood. One-day Janak gives his computer hard drive for repairs. But when he gets it back the files in the computer are not what he had. Among one of the files there are pictures of a murder. He realizes that the hard drive has got mixed up at repairs and the gravity of the situation he has got in to. But when Janak tries to return the hard drive, the person who repaired the computer has left place and he has no way to return this or get back his own files. Story rolls out how the two friends rack their brains to sort what has happened and what they go through to solve the issue....
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