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  • TV-PG
  • 2016
StarringEranga JeewanthaIresha AsankiMilinda MadugalleKingsley LoasJanaka KumbukageKamal DeshapriyaGayathri DiasDirectorChamara Janaraj Peiris
Kishani is a young energetic girl who works for Reelyf advertising agency. Though her career life is in flying colours her marriage life is a failure. When Reelyf needs an Art Director, Charitha introduces Adeesha a young talented artist. With much persistence Adeesha joins Reelyf only to complete one assignment. The agency realises Adeeshas value to the agency and they get the help of Kishani to convince Adeesha to stay. This gives the opportunity for Adeesha and Kishani to understand each other more, where they realize they like each other. Though Kishanis marriage is a failure, her husband Vihaga does not want to go for a divorce, but to sort out their issues. Meanwhile Kishani gets to know a side of Adeesha’s life which confuses her relationship with him. With this she enters a point where she must decide on her future....
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