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  • TV-14
  • 2013
SubtitlesEnglishStarringAnna BamfordMichael DormanEmma LungTracy MannGlenn McMillanBen MingayTim RossBrooke SatchwellJessica ToveyDirectorTori GarrettJonathan BroughJo O'ShaughnessyJet WilkinsonDarren Ashton
Glorious beachside Sydney sets the scene for this romantic drama series about a group of thirtyish urban professionals navigating the pitfalls of friendship, love and sex – namely hassle, commitment and marriage. At the beachside Wonderland apartment complex, you’ll meet star-crossed singles like happy-go-lucky Tom and innocently sexy Miranda, who begin rethinking their status as singles when she moves into his place; Rob and Colette, the married couple whose marriage might be a lot less solid than it looks; Steve and Dani, the newlyweds whose different views of family, career and finances threaten to derail their fragile marriage; the passionate and possibly mismatched hot new couple Grace, a sensible lawyer, and Carlos, a proverbial Latin lover. “Wonderland” is a heady brew of humor and drama, a longing for freedom and togetherness. It weaves style, attitude and story power into a dazzling package of irresistible entertainment. Come to visit – and you’ll want to move in!...
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