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Autumn In My Heart (Endless Love)

Autumn In My Heart (Endless Love)

  • TV-14
  • 2000
SubtitlesEnglishThaiIndonesianBurmese (Zawgyi)Mandarin (Simplified)SinhaleseBurmeseMalayVietnameseStarringSong Seung-heonSong Hye-kyoWon Bin
Autumn in My Heart tells the heartbreaking story of two people who are separated after they discover that they are not biological brother and sister. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the two are reunited after ten years and fall in love! #awkward. Their parents are unable to accept the fact that their former daughter, Eun Suh is now in love with their current son, Joon Suh. To make things worse, they’re both in relationships with other people that don’t appreciate them....
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