Infinite Challenge

Infinite Challenge

  • TV-PG
  • 2006
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMalayEnglishIndonesianStarringYu Jae-seokPak Myeong-suJung Jun-haJung Hyeong-donNo Hong-cheolGillDirectorKim tae-ho
Featuring Yu Jae-seok, Park Myeong-su and HaHa, Infinite Challenge showcases a cast which promises to deliver endless entertainment and laughter. They will stop at nothing, even if it means sacrificing their celebrity image, to win the challenge of the week!...
Season 4

5 Episodes
I Want to Become a Celebritynow playing
1. I Want to Become a Celebrity
Infinite Challenge celebrates Sae-ho's 100th day on the show. This week also awaits the dance match between Celeb Five! Meanwhile, the crew challenges the real celebrities of this year: The Olympic curling team of South Korea!...
I Miss You, Friend
2. I Miss You, Friend
This week, Infinite Challenge members are going for a very special spring picnic. The best celebrity friends of the team will give orders on how to spend the day via SNS, and the members have to follow exactly what they say....
Curling Avengers
3. Curling Avengers
This week awaits the Curling Avengers, heroes of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The national curling team of South Korea and members of Infinite Challenge compete against each other in a game of curling at the girls' home ground, Uiseong....
I Miss You, Friend, Part 2
4. I Miss You, Friend, Part 2
Infinite Challenge comes backs with an upgraded "I Miss You, Friend." Due to Je-dong's request, Jaes-suk heads to Daegu to see Je-dong's family. The talkative Sae-ho is sent to a Buddhist temple by Chang-hee, so he could calm his mind in tranquillity....
I Miss You, Friend, Final Part
5. I Miss You, Friend, Final Part
Last week's mission continues. Se-hyung visits Na-rae's grandparents and Haha takes a colonoscopy and lectures middle school students. Myung-soo and Jun-ha climb a mountain together and the team gives their farewell for the end of this season of the show....