I Live Alone

I Live Alone

  • PG
  • 2013
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMalayEnglishStarringKim Yong-gunJeon Hyun-mooKim Dong-wanKim Young-chulLee Guk-jooHuang Qi-yeolHan Chae-aDirectorChoi Haeng-hoLee Ji-hyunJung Da-hee
More and more people are living alone these days and the world of celebrities is no exception. Celebrities live alone for various reasons, and this makes us question what it means to have such life. 'I Live Alone' lets us experience this new trend of living....
Season 1

15 Episodes
The First Page.now playing
1. The First Page.
Sung-hoon finally visits the bank for internet banking. He also tries to shop online for the first time. Meanwhile, Henry spends quality time with his father. They take pictures and tours the Niagara Falls together....
The Opening Ceremony
2. The Opening Ceremony
" The Rainbow Club members celebrate the opening of Kian84’s office. Kian84 and his friend Chung-jae make preparations for a luxurious ceremony. Together, they hold a signboard hanging ceremony, have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and propose congratulatory messages."...
Christmas Special ‘Hand In Hand'
3. Christmas Special ‘Hand In Hand'
" This week, Jung Ryeo-won decides to make kimchi for the winter. She asks Na-rae, living in the same neighborhood, for help. Meanwhile, the opening ceremony of Kian84’s office continues from last week."...
The Show Must Go On!
4. The Show Must Go On!
" Hye-jin and her model friends go sea fishing. Hye-jin tries to catch webfoot octopuses for the first time. Meanwhile, Seungri does the end-of-year book balancing. He hangs out with his younger sister and creates year-end video messages in four languages."...
This Moment
5. This Moment
" This week, the Rainbow Club members attend ‘MBC Entertainment Awards.’ Unlike last year, Kian84 prepares a suit to wear at the awards ceremony. Meanwhile, Na-rae dances on the opening stage."...
The First Rainbow Of 2019
6. The First Rainbow Of 2019
" Hye-jin goes out to see the sunrise on the first day of new year. She also becomes a radio DJ for the first time. Meanwhile, Henry introduces Korean Folk Village to his friend from Canada."...
Let's Play!!
7. Let's Play!!
" Baseball player Hwang Jae-gyun appears in the Rainbow Live today! He shares how he enjoys his single life by playing piano in the morning, singing in karaoke, and eating green. Meanwhile, Henry’s trip with his friend continues from last week."...
Another Beginning
8. Another Beginning
" Si-eon is finally moving into his new apartment. He cleans out the old house gets emotional. Sung-hoon tries to make his bucket list come true and plans on going on a trip by car. He also asks Kian84, who gets kidnapped in the middle, to join him. "...
You Resemble Me
9. You Resemble Me
" MAX of TVXQ appears in the Rainbow Live today! To celebrate the New Year, he goes to Jeju Island to receive the vital force of Mt. Halla. And Xiumin of EXO flies to Jeju from Seoul for MAX. Meanwhile, Sung-hoon’s trip with Kian84 continues from last week."...
Online Healing
10. Online Healing
" MAX’s trip with Xiumin continues from last week. They climb Mt. Halla, eat foods, and have fun in the snow. Na-rae joins temple stay to abandon secular duties. She meets a monk expert in temple foods. "...
Because This Is My First Life
11. Because This Is My First Life
" Na-rae’s temple stay story continues from last week. She dozes off during the teatime with monk. Meanwhile, Kian84 reveals his office life. He holds a kick-off meeting for the year, encourages his employees, and focuses on his work."...
Love Yourself
12. Love Yourself
" Hwa Sa stays home. She barely leaves her bed, shapes tangerine peels into animals, cooks black-bean-sauce ramen. Meanwhile, for celebrating their 20th debut anniversary, Hye-jin and her old friend start the challenge to take good pictures of themselves in Hawaii."...
Staying Optimistic In All Circumstances
13. Staying Optimistic In All Circumstances
" Chung-jae spends the day with his mother, who brings him home-cooked food. Chung-jae, in return, plays the guitar for her. On the last day of their trip in Hawaii, Hye-jin and her old friend take more pictures and reminisce about their careers."...
So Little Time, So Much To Do
14. So Little Time, So Much To Do
" Yun Kyun-sang appears in the Rainbow Live today! The owner of four adorable cats, actor Yun Kyun-sang reveals various sides of his single life. Meanwhile, Chung-jae looks all over Seoul to find the perfect new house to move into."...
You And Me Alike
15. You And Me Alike
" Si-eon, Kian84, and Sung-hoon go on a trip to Hong Kong. The trio has fun doing some shopping and having street food at the hottest night market in Hong Kong. Back at the hotel, they challenge each other to a swimming competition to avoid sleeping on the floor."...