Supercar Showdown

Supercar Showdown

  • TV-PG
  • 2013
  • 1 Season
StarringMark WinterbottomWill DavisonBriony IngersonDirectorMax Walker
This half-hour reality series follows the dramatic quest of young racing drivers from Australia and around the world, all vying for a rare prize. Judges from V8 racing teams oversee a series of eliminations, with the winner offered the chance to race at Australia’s premier supercar race. Supercar Showdown drives beyond the racing track, taking us into the lives and aspirations of the people behind the wheel and their dreams of racing against their heroes....
Season 3

8 Episodes
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1. Episode 1
V8 Supercar legends Mark Winterbottom and Will Davison have searched Australia and the world for potential champions. Over eight eventful weeks our rookie drivers will face off in a series of challenges that will test their mental and physical skills. There will be high hopes and heartbreak plus a lot of learning and laughs as the contestants vie for the ultimate prize – a testing contract with Ford Performance Racing plus their very own V8 supercar to drive in a Dunlop Series event in the Shannons colours. This year the competitors come from both sides of the world and from all walks of life. From a father of three to a British Formula Ford superstar, the group is as entertaining as it is diverse. In this episode, the rookies find out the new look rules and point scoring. No eliminations in 2013 and the eight rookies are divided into Team Winterbottom and Team Davison. The top points winners from each group will go through automatically to the semi final. But there’s a surprise twist. Both Mark and Will have the huge responsibility of picking one other rookie each to go through. It’s called the Captain’s Choice and its going to create plenty of pressure and controversy. The rookies’ first challenge is a demanding motorkhana course. Each contestant will race against the clock but must combine speed with steering and car control. The two V8 superstar captains are expecting big things. Some rookies will impress... others will shock....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
This week the rookies are being pushed to the limit on the go kart track. They have to demonstrate some serious driving skills, with the go karts capable of reaching speeds of more than 100 kilometres an hour. Adrian is a go kart coach back in the UK, so he knows he has to deliver. While Craig cops a ribbing from the other rookies when he admits he hasn’t been in a go kart since he was a kid. A massive storm during the wet track challenge punishes the rookies, and their captains, commentating on the sidelines. After a gruelling day the oldies are still showing the younger rookies how it’s done. Tim moves 4 points ahead in Team Davison, while Craig holds a three point lead in Team Winterbottom. The rest of the rookies will have to ramp it up to be in with a chance for a place in the finals....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
In this episode of Shannons Supercar Showdown the Team Captains surprise their rookies with two back to back points’ challenges. The first test is a Showdown first; a race in a 125 horse power Formula Ford around Calder Park Raceway. Each driver will race against the clock to complete two laps of the course. The fastest time will win all important championship points. Will Davison is joined by Guest Captain Dave Reynolds, a former Australian Formula Ford Champion. The two captains are expecting big things from all the rookies but especially from seventeen year old Chelsea; she holds the Phillip Island lap record in the Victorian Formula Ford Championship. Can she beat the boys or will the British Formula Ford Superstar Dan take home top honours? There’s also plenty of drama off the track as one driver is disqualified and accuses his team mates of damaging the Formula Ford gear box. Are the claims warranted or does this rookie just need an attitude adjustment. In the second challenge, Mark ‘Frosty’ Winterbottom returns to lead his troops in an all important Hot Lap. This time it’s all about speed. But the rookies find out they’re going to be under extra pressure. The boss of Ford Performance Racing Tim Edwards will be at the track watching their performances. One bad run could be the end of their dream to drive a V8 Supercar. There’s frustration as some of the drivers struggle to find the right gear. But everyone is waiting to see whether the James, the Kamikaze Kid, has learnt his lesson and toned down his aggression....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
In Week 4 of Shannon’s Supercar Showdown muscle power is put to the test. Our 8 rookies sweat it out in a gruelling series of fitness challenges. Team Davison are too good, turning up the heat and winning 3 out of 3 challenges. It’s worth the pain. All four exhausted rookies are rewarded with a $500 Adrenalin voucher. Chelsea is the only girl in this showdown. This week she gets some much needed moral support in a heart to heart with fellow 17 year old Todd. A start line challenge tests the rookies on a wet Calder Park track. The captain’s are looking for 2 rookies who will go through to the finals on Captain’s choice. Chelsea shows aggression. And Macauley earns a bonus point for fastest speed. Adrian is the big surprise, finally showing he’s got what it takes to make it to the finals. He nabs four points. But at the end of the round the oldies are still in charge. Craig is in top spot for team Winterbottom. And Tim is still leading Team Davison....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
On this episode of Shannons Supercar Showdown, it’s Team Winterbottom versus Team Davison as they go head to head in a tyre change challenge. In a race against the clock, the rookies will work in pairs, each couple changing two tyres on a car. A professional V8 Supercar Pit crew can change a tyre in under three seconds but our teams will be doing it the old fashioned way using just a wrench. With an apprentice mechanic on each team; you’d think a wheel change would be easy. But, both teams come unstuck; one stripping a wheel nut and the other bending the rules. Which team will be fastest on the stopwatch and win bragging rights? In the Points Challenge at Calder Park Raceway, our eight rookies are put to the test when they’re asked to complete a Pit Stop. In a surprise twist, it’s revealed Team Captains Mark Winterbottom and Will Davison will be riding shotgun with each of the contestants. To score top points, the drivers will need to be fast and methodical. But nailing the challenge proves difficult for most of the rookies. Formula Ford drivers Dan and Chelsea struggle with their belts, while Macauley finds an unusual way of closing his door. Todd has a shocker and fails to impress his Captain. But it’s James, the reckless rookie, who has everyone talking. This week, the Kamikaze Kid is as aggressive as ever, scaring the hell out of his mentor Frosty. Keep watching to find out who will make it through to the Semi Final on Shannons Supercar Showdown....
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
On this episode of Shannons Supercar Showdown the rookies battle it out with each other for the chance to go head to head with their captains, in a feisty simulator challenge. Dan and Todd were the victors. Dan struggled to keep up with Mark in their face- off. Todd however surprised everyone, turning up the horsepower and leaving Will sweating. Then it was down to business at Calder Raceway with a tricky challenge that tested both speed and memory. Ten new items were placed around the track and the rookies had to try to remember them at the end of their hot laps. It was the last chance for the rookies to make it into the all important semi final. Craig and Tim continued their winning form and finished up on top of the leaderboards for their teams. That meant they were straight through. It was then up to the Captains Choice to decide the final 2 rookies to go through and have a chance at the ultimate prize. It was an agonizing decision for both Will and Mark. Finally Mark named Dan his Captains Choice. And in one of the biggest controversies of the series, seventeen year old Todd got Will's vote, despite the teenager being on the bottom of the points tally for Team Davison. The decision left British Import Adrian shattered and in tears. It’s now down to the pointy end of the competition, with the semi final shaping up to be an epic battle. The pressure will be on Todd to lift his game and vindicate Will’s belief. Which two will win out and compete for the top prize in Shannons Supercar showdown?...
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
On this episode of Shannons Supercar Showdown the final four will be battling it out for a spot in the grand final. For the first time in this highly competitive showdown, the rookies will be behind the wheel of the awesome Ford Performance Racing V8 supercar. The rookies will race against the clock to complete five laps of Calder Park Raceway. Team Captains Will Davison and Mark Winterbottom want to see who is capable of pushing the Supercar to its limits. The two drivers with the fastest aggregate lap times will go through to the final and fight it out for the ultimate prize, a testing contract with FRP plus a V8 Supercar drive under Shannons colours in a Dunlop series event. During the showdown 33 year old Craig set the benchmark, winning five out of seven points challenges and showing ‘the kids’ just how it’s done. But the V8 Ute racer’s past dominance counts for nothing now. It’s cut throat elimination in the semi final. Will his tin top experience give him an advantage and see him progress into the final or will the juniors out race him? Seventeen year old Todd is Will’s Captain’s Choice. He must give the performance of a lifetime to stay in the competition. But the teenage Ford fanatic is feeling the pressure to perform. Can he shake his nerves or will he crumble under the pressure? The other Captains Choice recipient Dan, came into the competition as a bona fide superstar; with fifteen out of fifteen British Formula Ford wins under his belt. But the big Brit has never driven anything like the V8 Supercar before. Can he continue his winning streak or will the unfamiliar machinery see him come undone? Veteran driver Tim has tested a supercar before, which could give him a winning edge. The 31 year old is the favourite to win the title but anything can happen on the day. Stay tuned to find out which two rookies are eliminated and who is still in with a chance to win the Shannons Supercar Showdown...
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
After an epic semi final battle …only two rookies are left to battle it out for the title of the 2013 Shannons Supercar Showdown champion. It’s the veteran, Formula 3 star Tim Macrow versus the kid, 17 year old Todd Hazelwood. Tim has dominated the competition, winning 4 out of the 7 points challenges and is backing in his experience to get him across the line. This is his last shot at making it into the top tier of motor racing in Australia. It has been a complete contrast for the talented young Todd. He made plenty of mistakes and ended up on the bottom of the points table for Team Davison. But V8 supercar star Will Davison saw potential and decided to make Todd his controversial Captain’s Choice. Can the teenage Ford Fanatic control his nerves and justify his faith? The Grand Final will be won by the fastest lap. Each driver will have a total of ten laps to nail a winning time. The pressure and the drama just keep building at Calder Park Raceway especially when the weather closes in. At stake, a testing contract with the Ford Performance Racing team and a V8 supercar drive in Shannon’s colours at a Dunlop Series event. It’s winner takes all. Who will hold up the coveted trophy and join the all-powerful FPR family?...