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Full House

Full House

  • TV-14
  • 2004
SubtitlesIndonesianVietnameseThaiBurmese (Zawgyi)EnglishKhmerMalayBurmeseMandarin (Simplified)SinhaleseStarringRainSong Hye-kyoKim Sung-sooHan Eun-jungIm Ye-jinJang YongKang Do-hanKim Ji-youngLee Young-eunSunwoo Eun-sook
The naive scriptwriter Ji-Eun has a blonde moment and unfortunately pays for it when her frenemies trick and swindle her out of everything she owns, including her house. Now she’s stranded in China and has to borrow money from an actor called Young-Jae to return to Korea. As luck would have it, Young-Jae is the one that has bought her house. They work out a deal where Ji-Eun works as Young-Jae’s maid until she can buy her house back but in an attempt to make Young-Jae’s lover jealous, the two end up getting married out of the blue!...
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