Phua Chu Kang

Phua Chu Kang

  • TV-PG
  • 2004
  • 1 Season
SubtitlesMandarin (Simplified)EnglishMalayIndonesianBanglaStarringGurmit SinghIrene AngPierre PngTan Kheng Hua
Eh, you don't play play ah! He's the best in Singapore, JB and some say, Batam! This sitcom revolves around the Phua family, and specifically on the eccentric contractor boss, Phua Chu Kang with his trademark yellow boots, large facial mole, long pinky fingernail and mad success-perm. Can the business grow despite having only two inept and lazy workers? Having a loud, crazy family doesn't help as well....
Season 8

14 Episodes
No Good Deednow playing
1. No Good Deed
Chu Kang secretly meets with a reporter (MAIA LEE) and a car tries to knock him down. Who is trying to kill him? And why? What is Rosie not telling Chu Kang?...
Dunkin’ Don’ts
2. Dunkin’ Don’ts
Chu Kang builds a dunk tank for a charity fun fair, where he encounters an extremely disgruntled ex-client (GERALD CHEW). Someone is going to get very wet. Also guest stars MAIA LEE (Singapore Idol), WEE SOON HUI (Growing Up) and AMY CHENG (First Touch)....
Turn A Deaf Ear
3. Turn A Deaf Ear
Chu Kang becomes deaf but refuses to wear a hearing aid. He unwittingly assaults the new maid Rosie has hired. Another attempt is made on his life. Guest stars MAIA LEE (Singapore Idol), WEE SOON HUI (Growing Up), CASSANDRA SEE (My Sassy Neighbour) and AMY CHENG (First Touch)....
Kill Kang
4. Kill Kang
After a near-death experience, Chu Kang faces the vengeful archer (AMY CHENG) bent on killing him and makes the ultimate sacrifice. Also guest stars MAIA LEE (Singapore Idol) and CASSANDRA SEE (My Sassy Neighbour)....
Frankie's Final Folly
5. Frankie's Final Folly
When Frankie Foo (LIM KAY SIU) announces that he is marrying a former Miss Singapore Universe (CHERYL TAY), a disbelieving Rosie hires a private investigator (KUMAR) to find out the truth about the new bride....
Crazy Like A Horse
6. Crazy Like A Horse
Rosie and Margaret are upset that Chu Kang and Chu Beng are renovating the toilet at Crazy Horse. Rosie’s worst fears are realised when Chu Kang ends up on stage with the topless dancers. Guest stars BRIAN RICHMOND....
Incredulous Tales
7. Incredulous Tales
UTT (Incredible Tales) introduces an incredible tale about Chu Kang and Rosie bringing home a mysterious unconscious woman who may not be what she appears. Sgt Dollah (SUHAIMI YUSOF, Police & Thief) investigates. Also guest stars MAY and CHOI (MTV Asia)....
Under One Roof
8. Under One Roof
Tan Ah Teck (MOSES LIM) returns to hire Chu Kang to do some renovations. Chu Kang has visions of being as fat as Teck. A series of misadventures culminates in Chu Kang challenging Singapore’s reigning swimming champ JOCELIN YEO to a duel in the pool. Also guest stars KOH CHIENG MUN (Under One Roof), CAROL CHEONG (Miss Singapore Universe 2006) and ANG PENG SIONG....
VR Man
9. VR Man
Chu Kang plays a virtual reality game and is tranformed into a CG version of himself while Rosie can't stop eating hay bee hiam and gets a monstrous sore throat....
Dark Side Of The Loon
10. Dark Side Of The Loon
To get Rosie's mother Ah Loon (WENDY NG) out of his house, Chu Kang has to go to a KTV lounge to persuade his very drunk father-in-law (HENRY THIA) to return to her. Margaret thinks her old friend Leslie (VERNON A) is casting her in his new play....
To All The Girls
11. To All The Girls
Kingkong is depressed he doesn't have a girlfriend. The others try to cheer him up by reminiscing about their past amourous encounters. Gurmit Singh's directorial debut with special appearances by Ricky Martin, Lydia Sum, Kenneth Tsang, Zoe Tay, Fiona Xie, Patricia Mok, Sharon Au, Aileen Tan, Michelle Chong and Andrea De Cruz....
Skit Contest Special
12. Skit Contest Special
Viewers get to vote on the five finalists of the PCK Skit Contest, including 'Kingkong's Job Interview', 'Aloy is Getting Married' and 'Curse of the Coconut'. Also includes interviews with the writers and a special skit performed by the children of Kidz Club....
The Return Of The Kin
13. The Return Of The Kin
A mysterious woman who claims to be Chu Kang's 'aunt' creates tension in the family as he prepares to celebrate the twins' first birthday and tries to impress a potential new client. Guest stars NEO SWEE LIN....
The Return Of The Kin
14. The Return Of The Kin
In this one-hour special, Adrian Pang hosts the series wrap party that includes the final episode of Singapore's longest running sitcom, a chat with the cast themselves and other surprises. Guest stars Neo Swee Lin and Lim Kay Siu....