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Encantadia (2016)

Encantadia (2016)

  • TV-PG
  • 2016
StarringGlaiza de CastroKylie PadillaGabbi GarciaSanya Lopez
Our story unfolds in Lireo, a thousand years after the Lirean War. Queen Mine-a senses that danger is around the corner and has elected her daughters Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya as her successors to guard the gems. The queen has been called to the world of the dead but before she leaves she needs to make sure that she’s leaving Lireo in good hands. She sets a bunch of tests to see which daughter is most capable and decides that Amihan will be the next queen. Pirena, in a fit of jealousy steals the fire gem and sides with the Hathors, who now have more power than they know what to do with....
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