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Money Power Respect

Money Power Respect

  • TV-14
  • 2016
StarringWendy CredleKendell KellyDana Whitfield
Everyone knows the big names in the hip-hop industry who perform on stage and TV, but not many people know the folks behind the scenes who help the artists reach levels of superstardom. Among those unknowns are lawyers, who help stars make deals and get paid. This docuseries profiles several high-powered attorneys in the entertainment industry who help one another, use one another, and sometimes throw one another under the bus to get ahead in their personal and professional lives. "Money Power Respect" shows how the lawyers deal with failed partnerships, cheating boyfriends, stolen clients and back-stabbing friends. The featured lawyers include former music executive Wendy Credle; intellectual property attorney Kendell Kelly; Dana Whitfield, whose husband doesn't want her mixing with "grimy" music industry wannabes; Kelly Shapiro, who is anxious to move back to New York; and Jamaica native Nakia Thomas, who attended Brown University at the age of 16....
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