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David Lyons | Actor

A Model Daughter: The Story Of Caroline Byrne
A Model Daughter: The Story Of Caroline ByrneIn the early hours of June 8th, 1995, model Caroline Byrne’s body is recovered from the rocky shore below the sheer cliffs of the notorious Gap, Sydney’s preferred suicide location. Did she jump or was she pushed? Caroline’s boyfriend Gordon Wood, chauffeur and personal assistant to investment guru and stockbroker Rene Rivkin, claims she took her own life. He maintains she was suffering depression because of her job, and that she was haunted by her mother’s suicide years before. Caroline’s father Tony Byrne doesn’t buy suicide for a second. Yes, his wife died by her own hand but Caroline has always been a well-adjusted person. He totally rejects Gordon’s claim she was unhappy with her job – hadn’t she told him how excited she was about her career only 48 hours before? While Gordon spins Caroline’s “suicide” every which way he can, Tony badgers the police to investigate what he believes is a homicide. He is convinced that Caroline had a falling out with Gordon over the nature of his relationship with his flamboyant boss, and that big strong Gordy threw her off The Gap in a rage – how else could her body have landed so far from the base of the cliff? It takes the police an age to a) accept the possibility of murder, and b) allocate sufficient resources to mount an effective investigation. And even then, since no-one bothered to call the Homicide Squad the night Caroline died, there is a distinct lack of evidence to work with. If not for the persistence of several journalists the investigation would die on the vine again and again.