Ruminah Sidek

Ruminah Sidek | Actor

Awak Nak Kahwin Dengan Saya?
Awak Nak Kahwin Dengan Saya?This story is about a romance between Andika and Putri, Andika is a Chief Editor in magazine publishing company while Putri was working as Andika’s Personal Assistant and most loyal in three years. Putri is a chaotic girl but she is very perceptive and smart. Only Andika can understand Putri. The story begins when Andika received call from his ex-grilfriend, Sara invited him to her wedding. Sara challeg Andika to bring his girlfriend on her wedding just want to show that Andika already forgotten their memories. Andika feel challenged and he needs to bring a girl to the wedding party to prove to Sara that he has long forgotten his past. At the same time, Andika’s Nanny birth anniversary also getting closer and asked Andika back. Andika is finally ready to return after three years did not return to the village because of conflicts with his father, Dato Osman. Andika ask for help from Putri to masquerade as her lover and return to the village. The presence of Putri warmly welcomed and she surprised to see the way Andika’s family received her. After a week in the village, Putri got shocked of few things. Putri living along all this time. However, now Putri began to feel happy after recognize Andika’s family. Putri who had began to feel happy living along with family love Andika. At the same time, Andika also began to feel something strange on Putri. Andika started to smile, laughed and began to take trivial things in life. Is joy began to surround their lives, Sara appeared with dissatisfaction and began to question who is putri so that can change men like Andika who Perfectionist? How Andika’s family reaction when all the lies exposed.