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      Ex-boyfriend & Boss

      2023|All 24 EPs|Romance · Story
      Jin Xiao
      Li Jiajia
      Liao Yuncheng and Tong Nian, childhood friends, fell in love during their university days but broke up due to misunderstandings between them. Years later, fate reunited them only to find their worlds far apart. Tong Nian's company was acquired by Liao Yuncheng's corporation, forcing them to become colleagues. Learning that Tong Nian had remained single all these years, Liao Yuncheng decided to embark on a mission to win back his girlfriend. To avoid any misunderstandings, he created an online account to befriend Tong Nian and stood up to protect her whenever she faced crises or difficulties. Together, they navigated through workplace traps and sexual harassment issues and teamed up to defeat the antagonist. Ultimately, Liao Yuncheng won back her heart, and the loving couple achieved a happy ending.

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