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      Teluk Alaska

      2021|Indonesia|All 8 EPs|Romance · Story
      Adhe Dharmastriya
      Syifa Hadju
      ديفانو دانيندرا
      كاثلين كارولين غابرييلا
      Ana's life finds a rather surprising turn of event as she met the newly transferred student, Alister, who could possibly be her childhood love. This time around, Ana finds Alister rather aloof than the one she remembers dearly. Yet, she still determines to figure out whether it's the same Alister, or not. In her journey of trying to find out whether Alister really is the same person whom she knows, Ana gets a tricky obstacle. Tasya, a girl who always bullies Ana at school, harbors a crush on Alister. Tasya's crush on Alister doesn't go unnoticed by Iqbal, one of Tasya's minions who actually likes her. A love triangle happens inevitably between Alister, Tasya, and Iqbal, which later leads to Alister being punished at the same time with Ana. Curiously, Alister always avoid Ana's question regarding his past. Until one day, Alister has to be in the same study group with Ana and her best friend, Bulan. During their studying time, Alister finds out that Ana's full name is Anastasia Mhysa, a name that somehow is familiar for Alister's ears.

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