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      The Ordinary Road

      2023|Mainland,China|All 36 EPs|Story
      Guo Qilin
      جينا جين
      Yan Zidong
      تشو تشو
      Zhang Zixian
      وانغ تشي في
      وو يوي فانغ
      ليو وي وي
      شيانغ هان تشي
      لي ناي ون
      Niu Li
      Sui Junbo

      It tells an inspirational story. Led by experienced seniors in the industry, a group of youngsters who just get their careers started is growing up side by side and finally exceeds themselves with their firm belief by learning from one another. In the end, they not only make a leap in their ability to work but also relearn the multiple meanings of ordinary life.

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