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      The Bachelors

      Actor: GuoJingfei Jerry Jia Tan Zhuo Dylan Xiong WuYou
      Qi Guosheng, an old retired teacher, has been widowed for many years. He has a strong sense of pride, but none of his three sons makes him proud. The oldest son, Qi Tianzuo, is a Michelin three-star dessert chef. He's afraid of getting married because he misunderstands his parents' marriage. Qi Tianyou, the second son who makes Teacher Qi be the proudest of, is a university teacher and gets divorced. Qi Tian, his third son, is also involved in an emotional dilemma. Plus his grandson Qi Mowen, the Qi family becomes a boys' dormitory. Five males live together in a crowded house. No one likes each other. With trivial matters in reality, old stories of feuds, and bad temper running in this family, their life is a mess. Life is hard, but they still move forward with joy. Though the journey to find the significant other is full of roses and also thorns, nothing can stop them from pursuing a better life. In the end, all family members gain happiness and live in peace.

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