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      The Dragon Prince

      2024|Mainland, China|All 26 EPs

      This story is set in the majestic Tianyuan Realm, where elemental energy can move everything in the world including control Yin and Yang. In the Zhou Dynasty, young Zhou Yuan is robbed of his "Holy Dragon Fortune" by an enemy nation using the "Python Sparrow Swallows Dragon" technique, leaving him plagued by toxic energy for over a decade. Upon entering his ancestral land, he meets the mysterious Yao Yao, who helps him break free from his power constraints. With newfound strength, Zhou Yuan bravely saves his family and country. Armed with the Primordial Qi that can devour the sun, moon, and stars, Zhou Yuan, once an overlooked boy, embarks on a journey to reverse his fate and achieve a life-changing rebirth.

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