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      Love's Deception

      Mainland,China|All 22 EPs|Romance · Traditional Costume · Fantasy
      Huang Junjie
      Zhong Qi
      Cao Xiyue
      Quan Peilun
      Zhong Yating
      The Food Fairy, Feng Lili, was punished and sent to the mortal world to experience a calamity of love. In order to find her destined partner to help her through this tribulation, Feng Lili, under the alias Feng Lili, entered the mansion of Shen Yuchuan, the Lord of Jiuli City. Through a series of coincidences, she ended up marrying the Lord. Unexpectedly, her true destined partner turned out to be someone else, prompting Feng Lili to desperately try to escape the mansion. However, a political conspiracy was quietly unfolding. Shen Yuchuan, in order to protect Feng Lili, intentionally distanced himself from her. Only then did Feng Lili realize her feelings for Shen Yuchuan. As she was caught in a dilemma, she unexpectedly discovered that Shen Yuchuan's affection for her was nothing more than a carefully planned deception. Driven by love-turned-hatred, she decided to seek revenge on Shen Yuchuan, until the identity of her true destined partner was revealed.

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