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      My Love, Enlighten Me

      All 24 EPs

      Liang Jingkang EleanorLee
      22-year-old Liu Nuannuan was forced to leave the girl's group, stumbled into society to earn a living, then she met the young genius visionist Han Che with “Hyperthymesia”. In order to fulfill his grandmother's last wish, Han Che returned to China to undertake the "Reappearance of Dunhuang" project. Nuan Nuan restarted her life from a clothing clerk. With her unique aesthetic talent and hard working, she quickly became a gold clerk in the store and was promoted into the head office. After encountering all kinds of tests, Liu Nuannuan bounced back and joined the design department. Liu Nuannuan used her accumulated experience developed a collection of civilian outfit and determined to make more ordinary people beautiful and confident. Han Che accompanied Nuan Nuan along the way. Although the two's emotional experiences were misunderstood and challenged, they also exuded warmth and sweetness all the time. The two worked hand-in-hand to combine trendy clothing with Dunhuang culture and show the cultural treasures to the world in a splendid modern posture. In the end, holding hands, Han Che said: My Love, Enlighten Me.

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