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      The Bride of Habaek

      2017|South Korea|All 16 EPs|Romance · Fantasy · Comedy
      Byung soo Kim
      Nam Joo Hyuk
      Shin Se Kyung
      Gong Myung
      Krystal Jung
      Lim Ju-hwan

      "The kingdom of God consists of three kingdoms, which are the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of earth, and the kingdom of water. Among them, the emperor of the kingdom of water has the right to rule the three kingdoms. The jade seal made of three God stones in his hands represents his supremacy. Time flies, the emperor has been in his throne for three thousand years. One day, red water suddenly appears in the kingdom of water, which means that a new emperor is about to be born.

      The water God Hebo and the God servant Nan Xiuli come to the man’s world together, looking for the God stones scattered here and the three guardians of the God stones. Accidentally, Hebo meets a surgeon named Yin Suya and loses his power. Yin Suya, who admires science, has no faith in what Hebo said, just regarding it as nonsense. However, over time, Hebo's words are confirmed one by one. In the interaction between them, a love story unfolds between one God and one person.


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