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      Love At First Taste

      2022|Mainland,China|All 26 EPs|Comedy · Romance · Sci-fi
      Zhang Feifei
      Pan Yuetong
      The story is about Ou Zeye and Tong Xiaoman. The former is a half-human-half-vampire businessman, while the latter is a soon-to-be-graduate college student majoring in acting. The male lead, Ou Zeye, is a decisive and cold-blooded game genius as well as a trillionaire. Yet when he’s with the person he loves, he has an insatiable thirst for kisses. He showers her with his love, but also gets jealous easily. Meanwhile the female lead, Tong Xiaoman, appears innocent and pure like a vulnerable rabbit, but in fact she has a sharp tongue. The two will start a romantic but forbidden love between a human and vampire.

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