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      The Founder of Diabolism (Thai Ver.)

      2018|Mainland,China|All 35 EPs|MysteriousFantasy

      " Wen's family rampage, People can not live in peace. So the Heroes of Jianghu launched joined forces to attack Wen's family. Although "Yi Ling's ancestors" Wei Wu Xian has made a great contribution to overturning Wen's family. But however because he is too strong, and make a lot of people fear his power. So he was killed. After 13years , someone who donate the body to him, after that he can meet Lanwangji of Gusulan's family ,Jiang Cheng of Yunmengjiang's family and other old people again. By the way, Mystery in the past have never disappeared, Jianghu's mystery is coming back,

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