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      The Origin of Eternity

      23 एपिसोड

      Yang Ze
      लिन यान रो
      Cao Junhao
      Qing Huan was an Iris by Wangchuan River which was chosen by Lord Bai Ze. They are then destined to be together in the incarnation. After much testing in their relationship, Bai Ze and Qing Huan have gone through happiness, sadness, love and hatred, and eventually they understand what "love" means and live happily forever after.

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      Seal of Love

      24 एपिसोड

      Don't Forget My Love

      All 26 EPs

      An “ugly duckling” transforms into a gorgeous medical consort.

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      How Love Starts and Becomes Obsession

      All 18 EPs

      A Romance Triggered by a Badge

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      Love in Between

      All 37 EPs

      Zhang Yuxi turns into a fish demon


      To love you through the universe of time

      All 41 EPs

      He Hongshan and Xu Zhengxi staged sadomasochism