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      The Journey of Chongzi

      2022|Mainland,China|41 एपिसोड|Romance · Fantasy
      Kwok Fai Lauनिदेशक/डायरेक्टर
      नाम।Kwok Fai Lau
      जन्म की तिथि।--
      यांग चॉययूअभिनेता
      नाम।यांग चॉययू
      जन्म की तिथि।1998-07-31
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      Midsummer is Full of LoveMidsummer is Full of Love
      The Journey of ChongziThe Journey of Chongzi
      Never Stand StillNever Stand Still
      जू झेंगज़ीअभिनेता
      नाम।जू झेंगज़ी
      जन्म की तिथि।1985-05-05
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      Yong An DreamYong An Dream
      Legend of the PhoenixLegend of the Phoenix
      The Journey of ChongziThe Journey of Chongzi
      जन्म की तिथि।1996-09-10
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      The Journey of ChongziThe Journey of Chongzi
      Deng Weiअभिनेता
      नाम।Deng Wei
      जन्म की तिथि।1995-02-26
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      Lost You Forever S2 (English Ver.)Lost You Forever S2 (English Ver.)
      Lost You Forever S1Lost You Forever S1
      I Am The Years You Are The StarsI Am The Years You Are The Stars

      The demon king Ni Lun was annihilated leaving the demon clan in tatters as they escape into the mortal realm. Chongzi is pure and kind, yet she is the daughter of Ni Lun. After being saved by the immortal Chu Bufu, she becomes determined to cultivate at Nanhua but is turned away as it has been foretold that she will become a demon.

      At this time, the venerable Luo Yinfan surprisingly accepts Chongzi as his only disciple. Chongzi is very reliant on Luo Yinfan and wishes for nothing more than to be by his side. In turn, Luo Yinfan promises to protect her. A conspiracy leads to Chongzi's imprisonment and Luo Yinfan is unable to do anything to help, leading to her death for the sake of peace.

      In her second life, Chongzi comes to Nanhua again. Luo Yinfan recognizes her in one glance. In order to protect her, he seals the evil miasma within her and keeps her close, thus continuing their relationship as master and disciple. However, there is no escape from the wheel of fate. Chongzi once again becomes the target of a multitude of arrows. In a fit of rage, she embraces her demonic side and reaches the point of no return.

      Fate has played a cruel joke on the star-crossed lovers - one is the venerable master who carries the world on his shoulders while the other has the blood of the demon clan flowing in her veins. They helplessly fell in love, helplessly turned against each other, yet they still cannot break free from their feelings. Can their love shake the rules of heaven and earth?

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