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      The Legend of Heroes

      2024|Mainland,China|30 एपिसोड|Martial arts · Traditional Costume
      देंग केनिदेशक/डायरेक्टर
      नाम।देंग के
      जन्म की तिथि।1986-07-04
      Cao Dunनिदेशक/डायरेक्टर
      नाम।Cao Dun
      जन्म की तिथि।1972-01-12
      लेई यांगनिदेशक/डायरेक्टर
      नाम।लेई यांग
      जन्म की तिथि।--
      जन्म की तिथि।1997-05-03
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      The Legend of HeroesThe Legend of Heroes
      A Date With The FutureA Date With The Future
      Bao Shangenअभिनेता
      नाम।Bao Shangen
      जन्म की तिथि।2002-05-23
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      The Legend of HeroesThe Legend of Heroes

      At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Jin invaders attacked, and corrupt officials dominated the court. Two righteous commoners, Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tiexin, betrothed their unborn children, but both families later suffered at the hands of Jin soldiers. Qiu Chuji, a Taoist from the Quanzhen School, made a bet with the Seven Freaks of Jiangnan: they would separately find the descendants of Yang and Guo and teach them martial arts, with a martial duel set for eighteen years later at the Zuixian Restaurant. Guo Jing and Yang Kang grew up under the guidance of the Seven Freaks of Jiangnan and Qiu Chuji, respectively.

      Eighteen years later, following his master's orders, Guo Jing traveled south for the duel and met Huang Rong, daughter of "Eastern Heretic" Huang Yaoshi. They fell in love despite facing numerous challenges. "Western Venom" Ouyang Feng sought Huang Rong's hand in marriage for his nephew Ouyang Ke. After several contests, Guo Jing emerged victorious. Unfortunately, five of his masters were killed on the Peach Blossom Island, leading to a rift with Huang Rong.

      Meanwhile, Yang Kang, lured by wealth and power, acknowledged a Jin Prince as his father. An accidental martial duel for a spouse led to his romantic involvement with Mu Nianci, Yang Tiexin's adopted daughter. However, Yang Kang's greed drove him to repeatedly harm Guo Jing, Huang Rong, and other righteous heroes, assisting the Jins in acquiring the Book of Wumu. Ultimately, he met his tragic end at the Iron Spear Temple in Jiaxing.

      Guo Jing and Huang Rong traveled a far, encountering numerous martial arts masters, which significantly improved Guo Jing's skills. He avenged his father, resolved grievances within his sect, secured the Book of Wumu, and led an army to the west. Fulfilling his mother's late wish, he participated in the Duel atop Mount Huashan and saved Xiangyang from the national peril.

      In the end, a once naive and clumsy boy grew into a resolute hero, bravely shouldering the burden of a fractured nation.

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