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      If I Were You

      Guntur Soeharjanto
      Tora Sudiro
      Kirana (Titi Kamal). housewive, who was once the most popular and outstanding students in school, experiencing a crisis of self-confidence. She feels she could not be the ideal wife for Ben (Raffi Ahmad), her husband, and a good mother for Rega (Daffa Deddy) and Windy (Aqilla Herby). Kirana often confides to her high school friend, Diana (Donita), which is always accompanied by her personal assistant, Indra (Gading Marten). One day Diana makes a high school reunion event. Diana lies to her friends that Kirana is a PR Consultant. At the reunion, Kirana comes to the Madam Sri Menyan’s forescast stand. Kirana gets a card that read "Starting from the Starting Point, After that Not Going Back". Madam Sri said this card would be red if Kirana's dream of changing her destiny, becoming a single and successful woman, is granted. The next day Kirana wakes up in a luxury apartment. Indra appears before her and claims to be her assistant. For a moment Kirana is happy. She enjoys being the boss of a good office, with dozens of staff following her orders. But Kirana is feels a longing for Ben and her two children.

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