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      The Legend of Grave Keepers

      2021|Mainland,China|All 32 EPs|Martial arts · Traditional Costume · Romance · Story
      Sun KaikaiDirector
      NameSun Kaikai
      Date of birth1983-04-25
      Ian YiActor
      NameIan Yi
      Date of birth1996-10-24
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      Evan MaActor
      NameEvan Ma
      Date of birth1992-11-02
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      Wang YuetingActor
      NameWang Yueting
      Date of birth1998-03-15
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      Sun LuluActor
      NameSun Lulu
      Date of birth1995-04-16
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      The Legend of Grave KeepersThe Legend of Grave Keepers

      Legend has it that Luo Wuzi helped the First Emperor of Qin build his Mausoleum, and built another nine tombs to store the rare treasures in world. He was named King of the Tomb by Qin Emperor and then established a tomb sect to be responsible for the construction and protection of the royal mausoleums. In order to prevent future generations from stealing, Luo Wuzi divided the tomb sect into two, the tomb attacking faction of Luo family and tomb guarding faction of Murong family. The two factions have maintained a balance for thousands of years, and Murong family has inherited the tomb king for more than ten generations. However, during the turbulent Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Murong Xian succeeded to the throne. Rumor has it that he robbed the tomb. And the balance between two factions gradually becomes fragile...

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