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      2016|Mainland,China|16 एपिसोड|Idol · Inspiration · Romance · Suspense · Story · crimeanddetective
      Zhao Xiaoxi Zhao Xiaoou
      झांग ज़िन यू
      नवत कुलतरनतक
      हान चाए-युवा
      जो जू

      Du Fei was originally a second-tier actor with good acting skills and clean heart. However, when the scandal engulfed him, he was thrown down by his brother. After a car accident, He died and was reborn as Yunxiu. In order to revenge, he changed his face and concealed his identity; in order to return to the Entertainment Circle, he started as a trainee. But in the process of revenge, Gradually influenced by love. How will his life go?

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