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      2019|Mainland,China|All 38 EPs|Suspense · Romance
      झांग दादा
      पार्क सोलोमन
      वांग जिक्सुआन
      दीनो ली
      Wenshuai, the ugliest and fattest boy in the whole school, braved to transfer to another school after being bullied, but had two very different bodies overnight. One is formerly ugly and fat oneself, but the other is a perfect male god whose face bursts. Wenshuai finds that his mind can be switched between two bodies at will. When one body is awake, the other will go to sleep. The secrets of the two bodies have changed Wenshuai's original life tremendously. Wenshuai's life has never been welcomed before. He has started a completely different life. He feels the beauty and convenience of life at the top of the pyramid. At the same time, the huge secret of the handsome body gradually emerges from the water. The handsome body is the original master. Kris gradually recovered, layers of mysteries gradually solved.

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