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      Peach Blossom Origin

      2022|Mainland,China|Romance · Story
      वी ज़ीमिंग
      Wang Xinting
      झी वेनक्सुआन
      Zhao Zilluo

      Being defeated, the ancient demon tribe was locked in purgatory. In order to return to the human world, the Demon Lord sent the human leader Fan Yihang to the holy land to seize the map. In front of the battlefield of the two sides, Yihang recognized that the holy maiden Wuyou was his long searching wife. Not recognizing him, she fought back against Yihang. Loving his wife deeply, Yihang annoyed the demon tribe several times to maintain Wuyou's well-being. Will Wuyou finally recall Yihang and their love? How will their relationship be under the confrontation between the two tribes? The troublesome romance as a test of human nature is coming.

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