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      I Have a Smart Doctor Wife

      2023|Mainland,China|22 एपिसोड|Romance · Traditional Costume · Fantasy
      Xu Qingya
      Ming Peng
      Ye Shuyu
      Yun Ruoyue was a doctor in the 21st century. While saving a patient's life, she was electrocuted and sent back in time. Waking up to find herself equipped with a new medical system, she was betrothed to Prince Li, the crown prince of the previous dynasty. Together, they save lives and protect the people. This is a story of love and redemption, enemies to lovers, and their journey to healing each other.

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      An ugly girl cheats her way into ancient times and becomes a doctor wife

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      Ugly Doctor Transmigrates to Ancient Times as a Consort

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      The mutual abuse relationship is hard to break.

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      The Great Doctor's Skills Have Impressed The Cute Girl

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      The Love Story Between a Lively Fairy and a Cold-faced Devil

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      Easy to guard the country, hard to repudiate her husband

      24 एपिसोड

      ईमानदार जोड़ी, और प्यारा प्यार

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      Lin Yichen dote-on Feng Shaofeng

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      Bossy Husband Who Loved Me