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      Animal Chorus S2

      2021|37 एपिसोड
      The story revolves around a band called Doraiba, formed by four members: Panda He He, Panda Mei Mei, Donkey Hui Hui, and Parrot Xue Er. After gaining fame through their tour, they use their music knowledge and popularity to establish a hotline, helping more friends overcome difficulties and achieve their dreams. In the process of aiding others, the Doraiba band members not only gain extensive knowledge about animals but also develop genuine friendships In Season 2, fueled by boundless imagination, the Doraiba tour bus undergoes upgrades, enabling them to assist others in various environments, including the sky, land, and sea. This upgrade adds a more captivating element to the show. Through vibrant storylines, they introduce young viewers to more intriguing music and animal-related trivia

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