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      5 Seconds of Longing

      Indonesia|8 एपिसोड
      Monty Tiwa
      Prilly Latuconsina
      Bryan Domani
      Salshabilla Adriani
      Fadly Faisal
      Rafi Sanjaya
      In order to fulfill her boss's demand, a young employee at a record company named Via had to look for a new artist to sign a contract with. She then got her eyes on Gana, the male vocalist from a newly formed band, E-Minor, after hearing their performance. It turns out, the vocalist is the barista at her go-to cafe. Her boss, Markus, also asked Via to also sign Drupadi. Drupadi agrees on one condition that she will sing a duet with Gana. In the end, Drupadi and E-Minor perform a duet from Via's poem entitled "5 Seconds of Longing". The song is a success and fans hope Gana and Drupadi would become a couple. Via has to hide her feelings for Gana to secure their success, though Gana has also been crushing on Via for a long time. Surprisingly, Drupadi has a crush on Gana too.

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