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      Suddenly This Summer

      30 episódios

      Bai Yu GuanjinBu PengLv ShuweiZhang Yang Yue WenqiangFang LinLiu QingziziHou
      He Luoji is smart girl,but poor in study.She boasts that she will going to enter a famous school. Zhang Yuan seemed arrogant and arrogant, but he was impressed by her perseverance, and helped her learn to make progress. Two people fell in love and decieded to apply for the same university, but the college entrance examination separated them from two cities. They are not afraid of space and time. They are planning the future together Many friends in senior high school have also experienced various hardships and challenges in their growth. Zhang Yuan, who failed in the college entrance examination, was anxious to prove himself and fulfill his promise to reunite with Holo as soon as possible, but he was repeatedly frustrated in the process of starting a business. Different experiences and mood made him disagree with Ho lo, and love each other away. Standing at the fork of life, how should they choose? A few years later, a successful career is separated from each other. When we meet again, is there any initial palpitation in our hearts? A period of ten years, across the mountains and seas of attachment, take you to review the green and astringent time of heartbeat, experience the hard struggle to pursue the dream, recall the memory of the deep, first loved that person.

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