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      Realiti Cinta

      2021|Malaysia|4 episódios|Romance

      Melissa is the host for the “Berdua Bersatu” show, which seeks to find one’s ideal life partner. She received an invitation to be a committee member for a reunion event. She was sceptical of this event as it was also to be attended by Adrea, Melissa’s arch enemy during their school days, Nonetheless, she decided to make peace with Adrea, hoping it would ease their committee related duties. Wary of Melissa’s single status and the ridicule she might be subjected to, her friends (Shad and Iqy) took a bold step in finding a partner for Melissa. A coincidental meeting between Melissa and Harris, brought them closer together. Harris arrived to fetch Melissa for the event and little did she know, Harris was Adrea’s ex boyfriend. Adrea was adamant that Melissa was the culprit for her break-up with Harris. Ever since then, Melissa was once again in Adrea’s bad books. Adrea took it upon herself to shame Melissa by claiming that Melissa had engaged a paid service for a boyfriend. Melissa has to decide between saving her relationship with Harris or resolve the never ending crisis with Adrea.

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