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      Operation Special Warfare

      35 episódios

      Weiguang Gao Hu Bingqing Chi Ningning Li Chuan
      Qin Guan, the Special-duty Squadron Leader of the Armed Police Corps, eager for revenge, failed to rescue hostages in an operation. The terrorist Blood Wolf escaped and the hostages were killed. Qin was demoted. The Army decided to recruit female soldiers into the Squadron. When receiving the recruits, Qin witnessed Ning Meng, a female college student majoring in martial arts, upholding justice in the street. He praised her skills and convinced her to join the Squadron. Ning's roommates, Chen Xuan and Liu Zhenzhen, decided to join with her. In the army, Qin turned into a strict and cruel coach. After their training, the three were assigned to the newly founded Special-duty Squad 8, and the captain was Qin Guan. Squad 8 was a top-notch unit whose members were highly skilled. In several confrontations with Blood Wolf, many terrorist attacks were resolved, though at a heavy price of blood and sacrifice. As the ignorant girls grew up and became true soldiers, the vicious terrorists were finally eradicated and the conspiracy of the international terrorist organization was foiled. They defended the honor of the country and protected the people.

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