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Oddbods: Christmas Special

Oddbods: Christmas Special

  • G
  • 2017
  • 23mins
DirectorSimon PikeIt’s Christmas Eve in Oddsville and the tree trimming is in full swing until Pogo’s annoying behaviour brings events to a grinding halt. When the rest of the Oddbods decide to use Bubbles’ Naughty / Nice machine on him, Pogo is immediately transformed into a saintly do gooder! However, later that night the same machine is triggered by Santa Claus, only the switch has been set from ‘Good’ back to its original ‘Pogo’ setting. With these newly acquired ‘naughty’ powers Santa immediately becomes the chief instigator in a series of pranks around Oddsville, ably assisted by his mischievous lit tle green elves. As the Oddbods attempt to reverse the process on Santa, it quickly becomes apparent that they are no match for his cunning, magical and mischievous ways. With little choice left they return Pogo to his old self, then watch on as a spectacular showdown takes place between him and Santa. All hopes lie with Pogo as he attempts to save Christmas Day! Christmas is saved!