Mercenary: Absolution

SubtitlesEnglishThaiStarringSteven SeagalByron MannHoward DellDirectorKeoni WaxmanJohn Alexander (Steven Seagal) is a professional operator – a man who does bad things to bad people. Chi (Byron Mann) is his partner – the only man ever allowed to leave the Hong Kong Triads. The story goes that when John saved the life of a Triad boss, the boss repaid the debt by sending Chi to work for John – and die for John if necessary. When John and Chi accept a job in Eastern Europe they unearth a Human Trafficking ring run by a businessman known only as The Boss (Vinnie Jones) and enforced by his team of ex-pat soldiers run by Colt (Josh Barnett). An explosive battle between these killers results in John and Chi destroying the ring – and finding personal absolution for all their past misdeeds at the same time.