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Best Of The Best 4

Best Of The Best 4

  • R
  • 1998
  • 84mins
SubtitlesBanglaEnglishStarringPhillip RheeErnie HudsonTobin BellDirectorPhilip RheeTommy Lee (Phillip Rhee) is caught in a harrowing net of Russian mobsters, violence and counterfeiting. Having "obtained" the computer disk used by the US Treasury to print money, mobsters hijack a truck containing blank currency paper in order to make the "real thing". Tommy suddenly becomes the object of the gangsters furious pursuit after he, unknowingly, is slipped the disk. Willing to stop at nothing to get the disk back, the mobsters kidnap Tommy's daughter. With nowhere to turn and no one to rely on, Tommy must survive deadly seductions, crooked cops, betrayal, motorcycle chases, hi-tech gadgets, bullets and bombs to save his daughter's life.