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Defending Santa

Defending Santa

  • PG
  • 2013
  • 89mins
SubtitlesEnglishStarringDean CainJud TylorJohn SavageDirectorBrian SkibaSheriff Scott Hanson, patrols a snowy back road in Northern Michigan with his Golden Retriever, Scout. He finds an abandon car and investigates. Scout leads Sheriff Hanson off the road and into the forest where they find an elderly man dressed as Santa buried in the snow and clinging to life. Fast forward to November the next year, the man’s been in a coma the entire time and suddenly wakes to reveal that his name is Kris Kringle AKA Santa Claus and that he’s not been in a coma but hibernating. After a mishap in the hospital, Kringle finds himself in a courtroom represented by Sarah Walker, a hotshot defense attorney. The world becomes obsessed with the trial, which causes a global debate, does Santa exists. A love story develops between Sheriff Hanson and Sarah, as they fight the District Attorney in a battle to convince a jury that Kris Kringle is in fact Santa Claus and not mentally insane.