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Hantu Tok Mudim

Hantu Tok Mudim

  • PG-13
  • 2013
  • 76mins
StarringIzzue IslamSoffi JikanHarun Salim BachikA. R. BadulAdrea AbdullahTok Mudim is the greatest mohel (a specialist ritual circumciser) in Kampung Seri Menawan. However, his renown is tarnished due to the involvement of his assistant Lebai Kulup in a love triangle that also involves Salmah, the prettiest girl in the village and Borhan, Tok Penghulu Abohrudin`s son with a secret. Due to his love for Salmah, Borhan decides to face his fears and meet with Tok Mudim for a secret operation. Unknown to them, Lebai Kulup, who is jealous of Borhan, decides to sabotage the operation. The failure of the operation causes Tok Mudim to be hunted by the villagers, following which, he falls into a well and dies. Tok Mudim`s death turns him into a vengeful ghost hellbent on exacting his revenge on Kampung Seri Menawan.