Kyanaw Doe Lal Tar Won Shi Par Tee

Kyanaw Doe Lal Tar Won Shi Par Tee

  • G
  • 2014
  • 156mins
StarringMin Maw KunNay DwayMoe Yu SanMoe Pyae Pyae MaungThis is a story about a group of best friends -- Pwa Gyi, Moe Lone, Pu Pyin, Than Zaw, Mi Wah, and Sein Mya. Mi Wah has to go to Yangon when her father’s health worsens and does some regrettable things to earn money. Sein Mya does exceptionally well in her matriculation exam and the rest of the gang accompanies her to Yangon so she can become a doctor. Mi Wah helps everyone out financially, since she’s making the most money but what will happen when they discover where she’s been getting her money from?