Khoo Torrahod

Khoo Torrahod

  • PG
  • 1977
  • 116mins
StarringSettha SirachayaKrung SrivilaiNaowarat YooktanunTasawan SaneewongIthipon (Sorapong Chatree) is a police inspector. He doesn't have a car as he refuses any corrupting money from the mafia. Yot (Krung Srivilai) is another policeman, who has a hot temper and uses easily guns to stop robbers. In a single day, he shot four robbers. It makes big headlines in newspapers. Ithipon always follows the law and wants to give a good image of the police to Thai citizens. His family is poor. It includes his sister, Am, and his mother. Am is still a student and is addicted to marijuana. Ithipon needs to solve many issues linked to the facts that policemen do not always behave well in private life also (club singer pregnant and dropped...). Ithipon sometimes acts like a social assistant. Ithipon’s team deals with heroin dealing case, prostitution cases, rape case, police corruption but also everyday ordinary cases. This movie shows the kind of crimes faced by Thai society in 1970s. Yot, by killing some drug dealers, puts the mess again as no proofs and information can be got from dead bodies. Yot’s behavior is linked to his past when he was ten years old. His mother was murdered by a carpenter who was acquitted due to lack of proofs despite he saw him with his own eyes! So nowadays he has become a harsh policeman. Yot has been suspended following the drug failure case. Rich people use their power to influence police. A businesswoman wishes to have her son released! Ithipon needs to arrest his own sister Am as she was caught smoking opium in an illegal den. Ithipon remains inflexible. The law is same for all so he refuses to help his sister and has to perform his duty.